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Glissading And Self Arrest

Dijukno glissading is the fastest, easiest, and most exhilarating way down many snow slopes if climbers are on foot? On slopes where speed can be controlled, it is an efficient alternative to walking or

Backcountry Wilderness Trip Planning

Dijukno you can listen to a podcast about backcountry wilderness trip planning?

Fall Hiking

Sleeping Comfortably At Camp

Dijukno you should pee if you feel the urge when you are sleeping in cold weather? Holding it in requires

Sleeping Bag Care

Dijukno you can revive your down sleeping bag that you didn't properly store? Airing it out is a good bet between trips, but you likely need

Nutritional Difference Between Male And Female Athlete's

Dijukno several years ago, Dr. David Rowlands, a senior lecturer with the Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Human Health at Massey University in New Zealand, set out to study the role of protein in recovery from hard exercise?  He asked a group of male cyclists to ride intensely until their legs were aching and virtually all of their stored muscle fuel had been depleted.  The cyclists then consumed bars, and drinks that contained either mostly carbohydrates, or both carbohydrates, and protein.  Over the next few days, they completed two sessions of hard interval training.  One took place the following morning; the other took place two days later.

Dr. Rowlands found that the cyclists showed little benefit during the first interval session.  But during the second, the men who ingested protein had an overall performance gain of more than 4 percent, compared with the men who took only carbohydrates, which is huge, in competition.  Other researchers earlier studies produced similar results.  Protein seems to aid in the uptake of carbohydrates from the blood. Muscles store more fuel after exercise if those calories are accompanied by protein.  The protein is also thought to aid in the repair of muscle damage after hard exercise.  Dr. Rowlands’s work, published in 2008, was right in line with conventional wisdom.

After his original work was completed, Dr. Rowlands says, “we received inquiries from female cyclists,” asking

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Clean up! Anytime - Anywhere!

Dijukno since 1991 Tony and Linda Brooks of Teton Village, Wyoming have invited family and friends around the country to "clean up, anytime - anywhere" to remember the earth and celebrate the life of their son Charley?

Selecting A Winter Campsite

Dijukno selecting a comfortable camp site is a useful skill for all winter campers?

 Here are ten things to look for when evaluating different camping locations:

 Is the site close to a water source?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leave No Trace Principles For Winter Camping

Dijukno There Are Leave No Trace Principles For Winter Camping?  Leave No Trace has posted tips tailoring their principles to winter conditions.

Plan Ahead and Prepare 

Know the area and what to expect; ALWAYS check avalanche and

Layers Of Clothing For The Outdoors

Dijukno you can practice the leave no trace principle plan ahead and prepare by properly layering your clothing?

Replace Space Blanket With The MSR E-Bivy

Dijukno you can replace your space blanket in your ten essentials with E-Bivy 12495?  This ultra compact and lightweight bivy offers versatile

Avalanche Awareness

Dijukno you should learn about avalanche's, how to survive if you are in one, and carry some gear to be rescued and or rescue others?

Storing Your Down Sleeping Bag

Dijukno it is recommended to store your down sleeping bag loosely in a breathable cotton sack for long periods of storage?

Hiking and Mountaineering Training

Dijukno it is recommended to use a heart rate monitor when training?  Train at minimum of 4 days a week keeping your calculated heart rate for

Leave No Trace Principle's: Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Dijukno be considerate of other visitors is a Leave No Trace principle?

Be Considerate of Other Visitors:

All of these Leave No Trace principles have an aim of preserving the country for future visits.  Being considerate of other visitors is reminding us to

Thunder and Lightening

Dijukno Lightening Causes Thunder?  Thunder is the sound caused by rapidly expanding gases along a channel of lightning discharge. Energy from lightning heats the air to around 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes a

Should You Build A Fire?

Dijukno fires, once a necessity for cooking and warmth, is steeped in history and tradition?  Some people would not think of camping without a campfire. Campfire building is also an important skill for every camper, yet, the natural appearance of many areas has been degraded by the overuse of fires and an increasing demand for firewood.

The development of light weight efficient camp stoves has encouraged a shift away from the traditional fire. Stoves have become essential equipment for

Outdoor Trip Planning

Dijukno it is extremely important to follow the advisories on

Leave Only Foot Prints

Dijukno rocks of all sizes and shapes near a body of water are a fishes habitat?

Walking Sticks Or Poles For Hiking

Dijukno that if your knees hurt when you hike, a walking stick(s) or poles make a significant difference when you

Leave Only Footprints and Take Only Photo's

Dijukno the reason for the saying "Leave only footprints and take only photo's" is because a pretty rock or a bunch of flowers deserve to remain where they are?

Making Your Own Survival Bracelet

Dijukno you can make your own survival bracelet with just a few easy steps?

Trail Etiquette For Hiking With Dogs

Dijukno trail etiquette/Leave No Trace principles indicate hikers who take their dogs on the trails should have their dogs on a leash or under very strict voice command at all times?
Strict voice command means the dog immediately

How To Measure Remaining Fuel In Your Canister In The Backcountry

Dijukno a method of determining the amount of fuel remaining in a fuel canister is much easier to do in the backcountry, or in your kitchen if you don't have an accurate scale at your disposal?  The canisters will float upright when placed in water, and the water line will vary depending

Trail Etiquette - Horses On The Trail

Dijukno when meeting a horse on the trail you should get off the trail on the downhill side?  Horses will tend to

Leave No Trace Principles - Respect Wildlife

Dijukno Respect Wildlife is the 6th of 7 Leave No Trace Principles?  Humans can unknowingly cause distress to animals by exhibiting the following behaviors: