Monday, September 26, 2011

Clean up! Anytime - Anywhere!

Dijukno since 1991 Tony and Linda Brooks of Teton Village, Wyoming have invited family and friends around the country to "clean up, anytime - anywhere" to remember the earth and celebrate the life of their son Charley?
 Charley graduated from a NOLS Mountaineering Course in 1990 and tragically died in a car accident soon after his course. Since NOLS was such an important part of Charley's life, the Brooks Family started the annual cleanup as a way to keep their son's memory alive while doing something good for the planet. In addition to the cleanup, Tony and Linda also created a NOLS scholarship fund in memory of Charley which exposes a new generation of NOLS grads each year to the wilderness skills and the conservation ethics that their son forged during his course. Wednesday is the 28th, so as you come and go to work this week think about what you can do on Wednesday to "clean up" in honor of a NOLS alum who cared passionately about the earth. The attached photo was taken of Charley on top of Gannet Peak. Thank you! Diane

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