Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleeping Comfortably At Camp

Dijukno you should pee if you feel the urge when you are sleeping in cold weather? Holding it in requires
your body to waste energy trying to heat up the water in your bladder. Getting out of your warm sleeping bag to put on boots and venturing half clothed into the snow to pee is annoying. To avoid exposing yourself to the elements use a pee bottle. If you sleep in a bivy sack a pee bottle may be a mandatory accessory. Avoid these problems by using a pee bottle such as an old,wide mouth, BPA Nalgene bottle with a secure cap. Get a yellow one, or mark it with a Sharpie with visual and tactile cues to label the bottle and cap. Use duct tape or wrap to help you distinguish it in the dark. Needless to say,when using a pee bottle inside your tent or sleeping bag, accuracy and a consistent approach are key. Keep the bottle where it won’t freeze before you get a chance to empty it in the morning. Did I mention it should have a secure cap?

 For the ladies,you might try a GoGirl interface to a pee bottle. A GoGirl is a female urination device that allows females to pee while standing up (or kneeing). It’s discreet,it’s hygienic and it is reusable:just store it in the plastic bag,and clean it later with soap and water. According to instructions, just adjust your clothing and hold the GoGirl gently against your body to form a seal. Aim and urinate. A moment or two of pre-heating inside your jacket or sleeping could be advisable. After your trip clean the bottle with bleach,rinse well and let it air dry,preferably in sunlight.

 Women can pee standing up with Go Girl | Go Girl Female Urination Device Go Girl Urination System

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  1. I myself am not very comfortable in sleeping in camp. Maybe your tricks will work for me. It's time to give it a try.


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