Monday, October 3, 2011

Frostbite And Frostnip

Dijukno the common area's for frostbite are the toes, fingers, and hands? Are you aware
of frostnip? It can occur in the ears, tip of the nose, and cheeks. Pain in those tissue areas is the earliest symptom of frostbite. The pain disappears, and the only symptom may be the lack of feeling in the area as the tissue freezes. The tissue may turn pale or white, but it is usually not recognized because the areas are normally covered. Frostbitten tissues may be cold and hard. Frostnip can rewarmed, whereas a person with frostbite should be evacuated before warming is attempted. Re-warming frostbitten tissue, and permitting it to refreeze can cause more damage than leaving it frozen.

 General treatment suggestions are:

 1. Remove all constricting clothing to promote circulation to the area.

 2. Don't allow a frostbite patient to walk on a frostbitten foot or use their frostbitten hand.

 3. Elevate the injured area during transport.

 4. Smoking and or alcohol by the injured person is definitely out of the question.

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