Monday, October 10, 2011

Hiking With A Group

Dijukno walking with others involves certain considerations that help make the hike more efficient and enjoyable?

  • Set a pace that makes good time, but does not burn out slower climbers.  Adjust the pace so that slower climbers don't fall far behind.  Don't allow anyone to travel alone, either last or first.  Give the last person time to catch up with the party at rest stops...and time to rest once that person gets there.
  • Try putting the slowest person in front to set the pace.  This will help keep the group together, and may motivate the slow hike to increase their pace.
  • Redistribute group gear to the one's who are full of energy/more experienced.
  • Stay 3 to 5 paces behind the person ahead of you being sure to stay clear of an ice ax etc.
  • Stay close to the group.  Don't lose contact with other hikers or make them continually have to wait for you or wonder how far ahead you are.
  • Step off the trail when you stop.
  • When passing another climber/hiker, ask for permission to pass, and pick a good spot to do so.
  • Be considerate of the person behind you when grabbing branches.  Before releasing branches, look back and call out "branch"
  • Be courteous when meeting an oncoming group.  Proper etiquette is the party heading downhill gives the ride of way to allow the ascending group to continue upward without breaking pace.  On the other hand, they may enjoy a breather if it's in steep terrain, or if the descending party is larger.  When meeting pack animals, move aside (preferably the same side), and stand on the downhill side of the trail; speak quietly to the rider, ask them what they would like you to do, and don't make any sudden movements.  Mountain bikers should  ALWAYS yield to those on foot.
  • Select area's for the group to regroup during a long approach, descents on a clear route, junctions, and difficult stream crossings.  This allows group members to find their natural pace within smaller groups.  Ask the most experienced climbers/hikers to take the front and rear positions.
  • Have a positive attitude, be cheerful, and helpful.

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  1. Those are great tips. It is also important to wear bright and colorful clothing during these hikes so visibility will be easier for all members.


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