Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Us A Signal Mirror

Dijukno a mirror or reflective device can get you rescued?  Mirror flashes or reflections off of shiny objects have saved many lives.  You can use
all or small parts of a mirror, a piece of shiny metal, a food tin, belt buckle, aluminum foil, or whatever else you can find that's shiny.

With an extended arm, hold up two fingers in a V to use as an aiming device.

Find the reflected sunlight on the ground from the mirror or shiny object, and position the mirror or object so the reflected light passes across the V you made with your fingers.

Keep the reflected light across your V, and move your arm so that your potential rescue target (aircraft or rescue team) can see the pulses/flashes.  Try to pulse your signal in a way that is obvious that you are someone in need of rescue as opposed to some shimmering light.

It is a good idea to continue sweeping the horizon even though you don't see any aircraft.  Mirror flashes can often be seen for many miles.

Here is a you tube video I have found if you prefer a little more information, and would like to get a visual understanding of this technique.

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