Thursday, October 27, 2011

Low Cost Blister Prevention Tip

Dijukno that you can pack pre-cut pieces of duct tape so you can easily access them when needed?  Sometimes it is necessary to plan ahead and prevent blisters in
areas you know you may be prone to getting them?  For instance, the heel is a common area for blisters.  I will attempt to explain the process without the use of any pictures.  If you still don't understand after reading this and giving it a try, please leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  I will try to provide you a visual resource of some sort.

First - Cut off a large piece of duct tape; enough to fold in half, and be able to place large enough pieces to protect a blister for your heel.  Note:  You want to have room enough to place four on each side.

Second - Fold the large piece in half, and adhere the sticky sides to each other leaving the smooth sides facing the outside.

Third - Use scissors, and cut strips in the size you would need to prevent a blister on your heel.  Place each strip on the smooth sides of the large strip you folded together.  You should be able to place four strips on each side.

This works because it is like when each side is stacked on top of each other in the roll when you purchase the tape.

It is suggested that you make two of these sets of pre-cut duct tape.  As you become proficient with this technique, you can try placing more strips on each side.

Tip:  Try to get a colored tape such as your favorite neon color to store in an accessible area you may need to have easy access to while in a low lit environment.  The bright color will help make it easier to locate in your backpack.

I would like to give a special thank you to those who unselfishly provides me with amazing tips, and techniques such as this one to share with others who may benefit from them, making their outdoor adventures safe, and enjoyable.

I also give a heart felt thank you for those taking the time to follow and support Dijukno.

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