Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dowloading National Geographic Topo Software Map To Your GPS

Dijukno you can load your National Geographic Topo software maps to a Garmin, or to a computer to print out itineraries.?
You can now feel assured you will "STAY FOUND" with this added mapping option coupled with your paper maps and compass.  With these maps, you can enjoy your adventures since every trail and boundary can be clearly marked to your satisfaction.

How to Load National Geographic Topo! Maps Into Garmin GPS Units:

Go to the National Geographic Topo! website and select and purchase a map. Follow the on-screen instructions to download it onto the computer, or open the Topo! program on your computer.

Connect the Garmin to the computer using the USB cable. The device shows an error message when connected if any updates are available.

Update any firmware.

Select "Import/Export Bucket" from the start page.

Select "Navigation" and "GPS-Connect."

Select "Auto Detect" next to the "Connect to GPS" heading.

Select "All Routes" in the "Export to GPS" tab.

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