Monday, February 13, 2012

Emergency Shelter

Dijukno you can use a 55 gallon contractor grade trash bag for an emergency shelter?  You can find them at your local hardware store or you can order them online.

Consider choosing a color to bring with you.  You may prefer
blaze orange or bright yellow bag to help rescuers find you, or you can use a black color, get in the shade of a tree, under a black bag if you prefer to be camouflaged, and avoid being found if you just plan to weather an overnight storm.   A large white bag, also in the shade of a tree, will allow you to blend in well with snow. 

You can carry a 55 gallon heavy duty bag as part of your 11 Essentials. (Leave No Trace Kit To Pick Up Trash) I recommend pre-cutting the bag at a 90 degree angle along a seam about five inches below one of the corners.  The hole should be just big enough to stick your head through when you are getting too warm.

You can place your feet in a smaller bag, or emergency bivy, pull it up around your waist, and pull the pre-cut bag down over you.

Use your foam pad as an insulated pad for sitting on, since the plastic bag doesn't have any insulation which can allow cold ground to steal your body heat.

Note:  If you carry more than one 55 gallon bag in your pack with 100 ft. of paracord, you can also make an emergency tent.

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