Sunday, March 4, 2012

Foresthill Bridge

Dijukno The 2,248-ft long Foresthill Bridge in Auburn, California was designed to span the reservoir that would have resulted had the Auburn Dam been completed?  Work on the dam was discontinued in

1976.  Water was expected to reach the top of the cement piers.  Currently, the bridge stands 730 feet above the American River, making it the tallest bridge in California.  The Foresthill Bridge was opened in 1973 with great popularity, and amazement, and has been featured in several movies and commercials.  It has also been the site for many stunts; legal and illegal.

The Foresthill Bridge has been the site for many suicides, and is currently under construction to raise the height of the guard rail to make it more difficult to accomplish.

According to the Placer County Department of Public Works, the project will cost around $58 million. Construction will include roughly a million pounds of new steel beams, a new coat of paint, and higher railings on the pedestrian and bicycle path. Currently standing around four and a half feet tall, the new railing will be about six and a half feet high.

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  1. I guess it's hardly surprising I had no idea about this - it didn't exactly make headlines downunder in Australia!! A fascinating snippet, and I hope it's beauty isn't tainted by more deaths!!


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