Friday, May 18, 2012

Aid Climbing Tips - Knife Use

Dijukno a sharp knife is considered required equipment on your harness for aid climbing?  Many times climbers must
remove webbing or cord to be able to clip a carabiner to a portion of fixed protection, replace worn webbing with new, or even to remove old fixed slings from a rock to help keep the climb pristine and Leave No Trace like for other climbers.  Also, unexpected situations may arise requiring cutting a sling or cord to free a load or fix an error.  An example may be if a climber inadvertently tied in a haul bag on a docking cord with a non-releasable knot, cutting the docking cord may be the only solution.  The knife may also be beneficial for making your own gear during a multi-day climb, and other purposes you may find useful.

Altitude Sickness or Illness

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