Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vasque Wasatch GTX Hiking Boot Review

Dijukno it's important to find a pair of hiking boots that best suits your needs?  The first gear review from http://www.dijukno.com is the Vasque Wasatch
GTX women's hiking boot.  I was searching for a good all around boot for day hiking, back packing, and be able to handle cramp-on's for mountaineering.  These boots are extremely comfortable right out of the box, and they seem to be liked by several of my hiking/climbing friends.  My experience with these boots aren't so positive.  I purchased them for $175.00 one year ago.  The first pair leaked water in both boots forcing me to returned them to REI for a replacement which had a manufacturing defect exposing a rivet from an eyelet at the right inner ankle causing it to poke into my skin.  REI didn't have anymore in stock so I had to order and pay for a new pair to be shipped to me at the Red's Meadow Pack Station in Lone Pine, CA to use them while working a trail project for the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  I was able to wear them right out of the box and be comfortable on my hikes and during my work detail.  I put quite a few miles of comfortable hard hiking on these boots including a one day assault of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney leaving me satisfied until I put them on during the same trail project a year later.  I noticed a crack in the outer right sole which allowed pebbles and water to enter the boot.  I returned them once again to REI, and purchased a pair of Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT.  I'm not exactly thrilled to have to lead a 23 mile triple peak hike in Desolation Wilderness with my $40 HiTec boots this weekend, but I will surely write a review of the Zamberlan boot.

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